Resource Management
Gaston County
Emergency Operations Plan

Coordinating Agencies: Emergency Management
Cooperating Agencies: All

This annex provides a system of identifying and locating resources within the county and a method of activating those resources during an emergency. The preservation, conservation, and replenishment of these resources are also included.

  A. Situation
    1. Gaston County has many resources that can be used in the event of a disaster, to reduce the impact on local government and the public served.
    2. Each city/town within Gaston County has resources that may be used in a disaster situation. When there is not a direct impact on a municipality their resources may be called upon, by prior agreement, to assist in damaged areas.
  B. Assumptions
    1. The required resources will be available to provide for the assistance to the endangered population.
    2. Persons or agencies requesting resources will follow appropriate resource request policy / procedure.
    3. Within the National Response Framework, logistics managements and resource support is an Emergency Support Function (ESF-7) and incorporates comprehensive national incident logistics planning, management and sustainment capability. Additionally this ESF provides resource support (facility space, office equipment and supplies, contracting services, etc.).
  A. County departments and agencies will use their own resources and equipment during emergencies and will have control over the management of these resources when the resources are needed to respond to an emergency situation.
  B. Municipal departments and agencies will use their resources and equipment during emergencies and will maintain control over the management of their resources. Use of these resources outside the incorporated limits will be by requests of other municipalities or the Gaston County Emergency Management Administrator under prior agreement.
  C. The Finance Officer will prepare routine procurement procedures for the acquisition or replacement of resources during day‑to‑day operation and also develop a procurement system to acquire expendable supplies during emergencies.
  D. A resource manual identifying resources, the control agency, and the procedures needed to activate these resources at any time, will be kept in the Office of Emergency Management.
  E. The Emergency Management Administrator will also identify those resources and capabilities that are available in local businesses and industry and other contributing organizations, and develop the mutual aid agreements required to acquire those resources to support Gaston County under emergency conditions.
  F. As key resources become depleted or unusual needs occur, requests for assistance will go to the State of North Carolina through the Division of Emergency Management. The State can as needed expand its resources by making requests to the Federal Government for assistance.
  A. Utilization of resources under the operational control of local government response forces will be coordinated by the Emergency Management Administrator under the direction of the Chairman, County Board of Commissioners.
  B. The commitment of resources from outside government will be initiated by the Emergency Management resource.
  C. The mutual aid agreements developed pre‑disaster will determine who will move, operate, maintain, and bear the cost of operation for equipment used under emergency conditions.

The line of succession is:
  A. Emergency Management Administrator
  B. Fire Marshal
  C. Deputy Fire Marshal
  D. Resource Management does not fall under a centralized control element, but is coordinated from the Emergency Operations Center during emergency operations.

Attachment 1
Requesting a Resource 

  Any person may request an emergency resource through their immediate supervisor.
  The immediate supervisor will determine if the resource is needed. If needed, the supervisor will approve the request and forward it to the agency/department head.
  The agency/department head will determine if the resource is available from agency/departmental supplies or resources.
If the resource is available from agency/departmental resources it will be delivered by appropriate personnel or otherwise authorized.
If the resource is not available from agency/departmental resources, a Resource Request will be completed by the agency/department head and the Emergency Operations Center will be made aware of the request.
Include the following in your request:
  • Your agency or the agency or organization requesting the resource.
  • Your name.
  • A telephone number where you can be reached.
  • The type of resource you are requesting.
  • The number of that type of resource you are requesting.
  • The size (if applicable).
  • When the resource is needed (Give a date and time and be reasonable; many resources must be ordered from out of the area and it may take 72 hours or more).
  • The specific location the resource is needed (include an address).
If using the resource request database be sure to click on Add or Save.
If the resource request is approved, the agency requesting the resource is financially responsible.
If the agency requesting the resource is requesting a vehicle, generator or similar equipment be sure to use ICS Form 218 (Support Vehicle Inventory)
The requesting agency is also responsible for completing FEMA Form 90-127 (Force Account Equipment Summary Record).  If you are not familiar with this form and need instructions, click here.
At the end of the emergency/disaster or when the state of emergency has been terminated, return resources or inventory those resources that will be retained.
Submit reports to the Emergency Management Administrator and/or the Finance Director as instructed.
  The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will examine the request and approve or disapprove and inform the person or agency making the request.
  The person or agency/department that requested the resource (if security levels in the database permit it) may follow and track the request via computer.
     Note: A computer generated tracking may appear similar to:

(click on the image above for a larger view)

  The requested resource will be tracked by EOC personnel assigned to do so. Tracking will include:
The date and time the request was made and what resource was requested.
Who made the request and by whom the request was received.
If the request has been approved, pending, or denied.
If denied, the reason for the denial.
Resource contact information.
Enroute date and time.
Arrival date and time.
Return of resource date and time.
Hours used and costs.
    Additionally, EOC personnel tracking resources shall:
  Ensure the receiving agency completes ICS Form 218 and FEMA Form 90-127 ,as appropriate, and submits those forms to the Emergency Management Administrator and/or Finance Director at the termination of the emergency.
  Ensure submitted reports complement and are verified by database entries.
  Ensure each resource request in the database has a disposition before closing the event and/or archiving or deleting database records.
  Print the appropriate number of copies of each resource request record and attach the record(s) to the appropriate report submissions from the various agencies.
Attachment 2
Simplified Resource Request Flow Chart

Attachment 3
Available Resources 

  A listing of resources that may be available for use during an emergency/disaster is maintained by Emergency Management.
  Use of resources from this list must be approved by the Emergency Operations Center and/or the Emergency Management Administrator.
  Resources from this listing often require the rental or purchase of the resource.
  As much as possible "pre-position contracts", standing contracts, purchase contracts or applications have been made for the resource prior to a major emergency/disaster.
  Just because a resource is listed, does not mean it is readily available or not already in use. There is no database correlation between "Available resources" and "Resource requests". This is intentional. Available resources may not be in the county inventory and must be ordered as would any commodity.
  Only authorized personnel may view, update, modify, add to or delete from this database.
  Specific instructions about entering, updating, modify or deleting data from the database can be found in the Help manual