Gaston County
Emergency Management
Catawba and McGuire Nuclear Stations
Emergency Response Plan Index


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Purpose Utility Companies
Concept of Operations EAL Classification System
   State Direction and Control Warning & Notification Methods
Organization & Responsibilities    Primary Notification
   Emergency Management    Secondary Notification
   Gaston County Police Chief Public Education & Information
   Sheriff Protective Response
   Emergency Medical Services    Distribution of KI
   Rescue Squads    Transportation for Evacuation
   Fire Marshal    Evacuation Routes
   Fire Departments    Evacuation Sheltering
   Chairman, County Commissioners Radiological Exposure Control
   County Manager Support Resources
   Social Services    Emergency Response Support
   Communications    Medical & Public Health Support
   Solid Waste    Facilities & Equipment
   Cooperative Extension Emergency Communications
   Superintendent of Education    Between Response Organizations
   Health Department    Between Duke, State & Gaston
   Mental Health    Medical Services
   Public Works    Periodic Tests
   Municipal Police, Fire, Maint.    Backup Communications
   Public Information Officer    Readiness Capabilities
   American Red Cross Plans, Exercises, Drills & Training
State and Federal Support Role    Exercises
Figure 1 - Organizational Chart
Figure 2 - Primary & Support Responsibility Summary
Figure 3 - Primary and Support Responsibility Matrix
Figure 4 - Emergency Classification and Protective Response Examples
Figure 5 - McGuire Nuclear Station 10 mile EPZ Map
Figure 6 - McGuire Nuclear Station Zone Warning Responsibility
Figure 7 - Catawba Nuclear Station 10 mile EPZ Map
Figure 8 - Catawba Nuclear Station Zone Warning Responsibility
Figure 9 - Gaston County Key Alert Notification Chart
Figure 10 - Evacuation Schools


Attachment 1 - Authorities, References and Agreements
Attachment 2 - Supporting Plans and Their Sources
Attachment 3 - Inventory of Emergency Equipment

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