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How do I view Gaston County job openings?

You may view Gaston County job openings by using the Gaston County Online Job Applications web app. The application is located at the following url:

After loading the page, it should look similar to this:
Job Opportunities Home Page

Job postings are grouped by department. You may view each individual job posting by clicking the postings 'view details' View Details Button Example button.

Here is an example of a Billing Clerk position for the Human Resources department: Billing Clerk Posting Example

If I need a paper copy of a job posting can I print one?

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Yes you may print Gaston County job postings. Use your browser’s print option to do so. A specially formatted printout will result. For example: Print Preview Example

Different browsers and versions render pages differently when printing so your printed job posting may look slightly different.

How do I apply online for a Gaston County job opening?

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You may apply for a job using the Gaston County Online Job Applications web app. The application is located at the following url:

You must:

How do I register?

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To submit an online application, you must first register. The job listing page and each job posting has a registration link. Click the ‘not registered’ link. Example highlighted below:
Not registered link example

After following the 'not registered' link, you will be presented with a registration page. Enter the email address where you wish to be contacted by HR during this process. This will be your id for future access to this application.

Important: The email address you use should be uniquely identified with you. Do not use another person’s email address or let another person applying for jobs share yours. Two users of the Gaston County Online Job Applications app cannot share the same email address. Doing so may mean that your or their application is not considered.

Enter a password you will remember. The password:

  • Must have at least 6 characters
  • Must have at least 1 numerical character
  • Must have at least 1 alphabetical character

When you click the 'register' Register button example button, an email will be sent to you that contains a special link. Example: Example registration email

You must click the link in your registration email, allow the page to load and re-enter your email address and password. Continue registration example page

Once you successfully re-enter your email address and password, you will be taken to the job listings page of the application.

Can two applicants register using the same email account?

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The email address you use to register in this system should be uniquely identified with you. Do not use another person’s email address or let another person applying for jobs share yours. Two users of the Gaston County Online Job Applications app cannot share the same email address. Doing so may mean that your or their application is not considered.

How do I select a job and apply?

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From the primary job postings page (, click the 'view details' button next to the position you are interested in applying for. You should now be shown all of the details for the posting: Job details example page

If you are already logged into the system, clicking the 'apply for this job' button will allow you to begin your application. If you have not yet logged into the system, you will need to log in prior to applying.

There are multiple steps that must be completed before your application is ready to submit to HR. The number of steps required will vary from job to job. Clicking the 'save application' button will save any information you have entered so far. Clicking navigation buttons such as 'back' or 'next' or even 'logout' will cause any entered information to be saved. Once you have completed a step, you may go back to it if you wish by clicking that step name and description on the left side of the page. Step links are disabled until you have preceded to that step using the 'next' button. Application steps example

Once you have completed all required steps you will see the ‘Review’ step. This step points out any places where your application is incomplete. Any incomplete sections of your application will be shown in red text: Incomplete application example

The 'review' step is also the step that allows you to submit your application. If you application is complete, you may click the 'submit application' button to send you application to Human Resources for review:
Application submission example

What happens after I submit my application?

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HR will review your application. If they require more information from you, you will receive an email from them with the request. DO NOT send any sensitive information back to Human Resources in an email. Email is not secure. Instead, log back into the Job Application app, visit your dashboard (see What is my Dashboard?) and edit your previous submission to provide the requested information. You will see your previous application history and the current status of those applications. Note: If you edit an application that currently has a 'Submitted' status, the application returns to the 'In Process' status and will no longer be viewable by HR until you resubmit the application.
Dashboard view of previous applications

Once HR reviews your application and deems it complete and acceptable, the application will be forwarded to the department for review. The department will then be responsible for contacting applicants for more information or for scheduling interviews.

How long does my application stay on file?

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Your job application will stay on file for a posting for one year. However, if all positions for a posting are filled and the posting is closed. You will have to re-apply for any new job postings for that type of position. (See I can’t apply or re-apply for a job posting, why?)

I can’t apply or re-apply for a job posting, why?

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Gaston County Human Resources and the various Gaston County departments spend a large amount of time reviewing applications that are already on file for a job posting. As such, applications are only accepted once per job posting. If you do not have the ability to apply for a job posting, it is likely because there is already an application on file for the account you are using.

Note: If your qualifications or experience has changed in such a way that you believe you should be reconsidered for a job you’ve previously applied for, please contact Human Resources, explain your situation and ask for the ability to re-apply.

Does the system remember my information for future job applications?

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Yes, this application does keep your information and automatically fills in fields in future job applications. Not all fields are carried over though. Information like 'references' and applicable skills will vary from job to job. So they are not carried over.

What is the status of my application?

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The status of any of your recent applications can be viewed from your dashboard (see What is my Dashboard?). Your application can have any of the following statuses:

  • In Process: you have started an application but have not submitted it. Human Resources will not see these applications.
  • Submitted: you have submitted the application and it is waiting on Human Resources to review it.
  • Need Information: you have submitted an application that was either incomplete or was missing information that HR needs to finish processing it. Human Resources will need to receive the requested information before this status will change.
  • Accepted: No further action from the applicant is needed. Human Resources has reviewed your application and it appeared to be complete. If your application met the qualifications for the applied position, your application was forwarded to the hiring department for further consideration.

What is my Dashboard?

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The Gaston County Online Job Application system provides a central place for you to manage your account as well as your current and previous applications. Any logged in user can visit their dashboard by selecting the 'go to dashboard' button Go to dashboard button example. The dashboard is only visible to logged in users. From within the dashboard you can:

  • View all of recent applications and their statuses.
  • Contact Gaston County Careers.
  • Change your account information.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

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Follow the instructions provided after selecting the 'forgot password' link on the job opportunities home page:
Forgot password link example

I forgot my password and I no longer have access to the email I used, what do I do?

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If you have forgotten your password and you no longer have access to the email used when you set up your account, try to regain access to your email account by contacting your email service provider.

If you are not able to regain access to your account, you will need to create a new account using a new email address that you will not lose access to. If you know in advance that you are going to lose access to the email address used to create your account, you can change the account email from your dashboard (see What is my Dashboard?). For security reasons, Gaston County will not manually reset the email for any account.

What browsers are supported?

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Supported browsers include:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

If you don't know what browser you are using, please check the help/about section of your browser or try the following: For the best experience on this site, please consider updating to the latest version of your browser.

I'm having problems with the site, what should I do?

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First, try to eliminate browser compatibility issues (see What browsers are supported?).

If updating or switching browsers doesn't solve your issue, please visit your dashboard (see What is my dashboard?) and contact Human Resources providing as much detail about the problem you're experiencing as possible. If you are having registration issues and do not have a dashboard, please contact Human Resources at